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"A few years ago I was experiencing neck and back pain that a traditional medical approach did not help. I was not interested in seeing a chiropractor because I had seen one In the past and his manipulation caused me more pain. I heard about Dr Short and her approach to wellness and decided to give her a try. She made such a huge difference in my life. I was relieved of my pain in a short period of time. I still see her on an occasional basis to help me. My husband even goes to her now."

- Marlene E.

"My chiropractor retired and referred me to Dr. Short. I was apprehensive at first, but quickly found out she is the absolute best!! Her techniques are gentle yet some how you leave pain free..."

- T. Thomas

"Dr Short is very comprehensive and knowledgeable. She explains procedures and is an excellent educator to her patients. I could hardly ambulate correctly the first time, walk out painfree. On follow up visit I did not even feel bad BUT still felt better after!! Chiropractic is wonderful and Dr Short makes it amazing!!"

- Barb

"Dr Short has been the most caring Doctor I have ever had. She listens to you and gives great advice. She has always been very helpful and fixes my issues. I've had Chiropractic care for the last 40 years and she is the best."

- Brenda B.

"Coming here after being at a larger Chiropractic was like a breath of fresh air. Dr. Short really takes her time with you and gets to know you, unlike the swift conveyor belt type Chiropractics. I would 10/10 recommend her to anyone in need of Chiropractic help."

- Jasmine L.

"The first time I went to see Dr Short l was not familiar with her method of care. The activator/atlas orthogonal was a total new concept to me. Dr Short took the time to explain her method so that I was comfortable with her treatment. I've been going to Dr Short for over a year and I'm completely satisfied with her care and treatment."

- Bill E.

"Great, fast and friendly service. Dr. Nancy is a total professional. Everything is well explained and I like the more advanced Atlas adjustments. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to feel better."

- Barb S.

"I suffer with low back pain, everytime I twist my back I see Dr. Short and I'm better the very next day! Before seeing her it would take weeks to get better. I call her the miracle worker! She is amazing!"

- Diane S.

"Dr. Short has done wonders for my back and other areas over the years. I had tried other chiropractors before but did not like the way typical manual adjustments are done. I love the techniques she uses."

- Kathy M.

"I have been a patient with Dr. Short for about 3 months and she has helped my neck pain tremendously. I like the option of booking my appointments online and appreciate the quality care with a safe and gentle approach."

- Kelly S.

"Dr. Short is a great chiropractor that does exceptionally well in finding and adjusting what and wherever my subluxation or misalignment is. It also doesn't hurt that she is super gentle with Atlas Orthogonal treatment of the neck. Ask her about it!"

- James H.

"Whatever issues are going on with my back or neck, it just takes a short appointment with Dr. Short to align my body and get me out of my discomfort. She uses the activator method, so there is no pain in the adjustments. She goes above and beyond to make the experience exactly what I need!"

- Helen H.

"I am a chiropractor myself. Dr. Short is one of the best chiropractors that I have ever been to. She is smart, effective and gentle. I appreciate her technique. Thanks Dr. Short for helping me."

- Alan N.

"Dr. Short is amazing. She is careful, but effective. She has given me amazing relief in my back pain. I would go every week if I could."

- Rachel B.

"Nancy's diagnostic skills are second to none."

- Eric A.

"EXCITED TO FIND ATLAS IN GAINESVILLE. Dr. Short was everything I was accustomed to in my doctor in Jacksonville. I am so excited that she is in Gainesville. The Atlas system is ABSOLUTELY the best system for ANYONE with neck or back and painless relief!"

- Peggy K.

"Amazing. Dr Short is the best. She knows what is happening in your body EVEN if you don't tell her. Amazing."

- Bob H.

"Dr Short always puts me back into a 100% functional. All the important information about your exercises, stretches, things to avoid, correct posture and advice that you should follow also helps a great deal too. She really cares about you. Thanks Dr. Short."

- Angel O.

"First visit to Dr Short. Very Thorough. Adjustment was great."

- Gail L.

"I went to see Dr. Short yesterday with extreme pain in my lower back.I felt much better when I left the office and this morning I woke up with very little pain. I am looking forward to my follow up visit with Dr. Short next Tuesday."

- James J.

Lisa G
I have suffered with neck pain for as long as I can remember. The problem interrupted my sleep and caused me to have a tension headache that never went away. After the first visit with Dr Short, I experienced relief I could never find with my old chiropractor. If you suffer from chronic neck pain, you will be amazed by what Dr Short's methods can do for you.

- Lisa G.

"Thank you for all you do to fix me! I definitely recommend Dr. Nancy Short for gentle chiropractics. She is kind and thorough. I always feel a few inches taller when I leave her office!"

- Rebel Y.

"Chiro rocks. It is amazing how much better you feel after just one adjustment....Dr. Nancy is very knowledgeable and kind. She is willing to help in any way she can, scheduling is easy and fast. Thank you Dr. Short."

- Elizabeth S.

"Dr. Short is the Best! I'm so glad to have found an doctor who uses the atlas orthogonal method. She is amazing and such a pleasant personality. I look forward to my visits each time!"

- Sheryl M.

"She's all that plus a bag of Chips! Dr. Short always exceeds expectations, she's got magic in those hands and always knows what to do to get you feeling 100% again."

- Ian l.

"Best chiropractor. Nancy is the best I've encountered in my 45 years going to chiropractors world wide. Her diagnostic skills are incredible. And, of course Atlas is the best technology."

- Eric A.

"Awesome chiropractor. Dr. Short is the best Dr you will ever meet. Dr. Short always exceeds your expectations, she's always knows what to do to get you feeling 100% functional."

- Lissette Z.

"Best Chiropractor experience. Nancy's atlas orthogonal method was a pleasant surprise! I now have a respectful opinion towards this practice and will defiantly recommend Dr. Short."

- Lynn H.

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